Invest in the U.S.A. Freight Trucking Industry

To Invest in the United States and getting an E-2 Visa or EB-5 Visa has never been easier and the Transport Industry is the best way of investing in the United States.

American Freight Transport Advisors (AFTA) specializes in cargo logistics and transport company development and investment. Though we don’t own trucks by using our AFTA Certified Carriers we are the premier cargo movers in the country.

Our affiliate AFTA Certified Carrier network, many who are investors in the U.S., have helped us grow into preferred status with our customers.

The cargo transport business is one of the largest industries in the United States; think about it, everything moves by trucks from manufacturer to vendor, from farmer to grocery store, from port of entry to retailer, and on and on. Every industry needs transport hence, we are there to answer their call and meet their needs.

If you are the owner of a Transport company or want to invest in the USA transport industry, you can bring on investors, buy more equipment and certainly cash out on the biggest opportunity available in the largest, most needed sector of business, United States investment in the Transport Industry. We are the Freight Transport Industry Experts that make it possible for you to Invest in the United States.

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Invest in the United States
+Billion Dollars per Year Industry
of Freight moved by Trucks in 2018
Tons of Freight moved by Trucks in 2018
Year over Year Increase in Tonnage moved by Trucks

Why Foreigners Invest in the U.S.A. with Our Company

We get you started, and manage the day-to-day operation of your U.S. Investment business. Our expert team will help you start, operate, and grow your transportation business from A to Z.

You can be as hands on or off as you like, we provide monthly reports and make payments to your bank account as soon as the trip has ended because we are here to help every step of the way with expert advise and management of your transport company and U.S. investment strategy.

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Steps – Start to Finish USA Investment Guide

Your partners to invest in the United States
  • Incorporate – A Corporation Is Required To Establish A Legal Entity In The State.
  • Certification – Your Corporate Entity And Equipment Are AFTA Certified.
  • Equipment Is Inspected By AFTA Purchased.
  • All Permits And Licenses Are Obtained.
  • We Vet And Hire Your Driver.
  • We Supply The Freight And Manage The Delivery.
  • You Receive Payment.
  • You Reinvest In More Equipment.
  • We Do It Again.
  • Your Business Grows Exponentially.
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Secure & lucrative Business Investment in the United States

Professional Freight Transport

Having the right equipment ensures your company’s growth and ultimate success!

American Freight Transport Advisors is one of the largest recognized transport providers in the transportation and USA investment industry.

Our customers are eager to work with AFTA Certified Transport companies and we are there to provide them with efficient, reliable companies to get the job done.

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The Best USA Foreign Investment Strategy

Invertir en los Estados Unidos

We negotiate on your behalf to get the highest current price per mile available as well as logistically coordinate your trip to get the most return for your USA investment on every trip strategically, coming and going, both ways.

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Control of Your U.S. Business Investment

Your USA Investment is secure

Our company process incorporate on demand reports so you can be in the loop and see exactly how your company is doing so you can meet projections and expectations putting you in complete control of your U.S. investment strategy.

Technology and innovation is the backbone of our company standards and our partnership.

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Transparent USA Investing 

Invertir en los Estados Unidos

We process your billing and provide revenue reports to meet your expectations of transparency.

Our most important asset is our experience and track record in making your profitable company a reality


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