Purchase Equipment

We have set your business plan in motion and now the plan starts to take form. First thing you need is to purchase your equipment (Truck & Trailer). This task may seem overwhelming since you may not know where to start to look for the equipment but don’t worry. We have AFTA Certified Dealers that will get you the right equipment. The Truck and Trailer needs to pass our rigorous inspection process to assure your business starts off on the right foot. Starting your business with the best equipment possible assures your success, and we are here to make sure you succeed every step of the way.




Equipment Inspection

Test Drive –  One of our experienced AFTA Certified drivers will test drive your truck to evaluate the general performance and condition of the equipment to assure you are getting equipment that will pass our rigorous certification process and you have equipment with a long life of uninterrupted service.

ASE Certified mechanical inspection – Our team of AFTA Certified ASE mechanics will inspect your equipment from top to bottom following the standard guidelines as prescribe by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

The tests performed consist of :

  • Complete Engine Inspection
  • Wheels and Tire Inspection
  • Front End Alignment Inspection
  • Electrical Systems Inspection
  • Airconditioning System Inspection
  • Chassis Inspection
  • Overall aesthetics  Inspection

Department of Transportation (DOT) Inspection –

A general Inspection is performed by a certified DOT Inspector to determine the equipment road worthiness.






Tags, Permits and Insurance

Your Corporations are registered and legalized, DOT, MC, IFTA  equipment permits are obtained and any required documents for your company to start transporting freight in the U.S. is finalized.

Liability and Cargo Insurance is obtained as required by the DOT. Liability minimum insurance policy limit requirement is $750,000 and Cargo minimum policy limit is $100,000.

Our team will handle these requirements for you as we are here to ensure a smooth start for your business.

We are here for you every step of the way.




Getting the work

When you become part of the AFTA family the last thing you need to worry about is will I have the work load (cargo) to move and keep my business growing.

One of the most important pats of owning a trucking business is having the cargo loads to move, we assure your trucks are always on the go. By handling your logistics, we assure you will not only always have loads to move but the loads are the most profitable and operational cost efficient loads possible.

regardless of the size of your business, whether is a one or a one hundred truck operation, our team of dispatchers and your company manager will make sure your business is always moving in the right direction to assure your optimal success.

To get started with your U.S. Investment Business simply

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