U.S. Investment Strategy

Transport –vs- Property Investment

When considering your options on where to invest, common trend is to invest in Real Estate whoever when compering the Real Estate business to the Transport business there are some big differences to examine.

There are significant advantages when choosing Transport over properties. One of the main things to look at is the initial investment –vs- the return on investment.

The average price of a single-family residence in Miami is more than double the initial investment in establishing your Transport business.

The average return on a SFR conservatively is 3-5% per year, average conservatively return of in a Transport company is 30% return on investment.

Real Estate is subject to changes in the economy, unemployment, lending practices, and other factors.

The Transport business thrives at all times since goods always need to be move from point A to point B regardless of any other factors in the economy.


Real Estate


Initial Investment Amount
Return on Investment


Double startup cost of TC
3 – 5% per year
Subject to unemployment, credit, general economy
50% less than cost of SFR
30 – 60% per year
Generally unaffected by economy, credit, or unemployment numbers

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