U.S. Investment in the Transportation Industry

Investing in the U.S. is the safest and fastest way to obtain your piece of the “American Dream” and there is no better industry to invest in than the transportation industry.

There are many benefits to investing in transportation particularly if you are a foreign national seeking to establish a business and a life in the United States.

Transport can be very lucrative but intimidating business. There a many regulations and hurdles to navigate which can be confusing and vary from State to State, such as numerous licenses, permits, tariffs, and other requirements, but don’t worry, we are the experts in the transportation business investment industry.

Investing in your own company is a rewarding step you can take to realize your potential. Registering a U.S. Corporation is crucial to establishing a transport “Carrier” company and getting the necessary permits to operate your business. This process can be accomplished whether you live in the United States or abroad.

Once your corporation is established, a U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) number and a Motor Carrier number (MC number or Docket #) is obtained.

Our company provides you with the required physical address, handles all the application and correspondence requirements by closely working with our legal team and our network of contacts to insure your experience is simple and stress free.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Projected return on investment varies and is dependent on many determining factors, as no return of any kind can be guaranteed it has been our experience that an annual ROI of 25% to 60% on average can be realized.

AFTA Carrier Certification

By only using AFTA Certified Carriers our company assures we are the preferred transporter of freight for our customers when it comes to moving their valuable cargo safely and on time.

An AFTA Certified carrier is required to maintain a current operations manual that details all aspect of the operational procedures, record keeping, drug testing program, vehicle preventive maintenance program, vehicle maintenance records, insurance requirements, licensing and permits, and driver certification and license requirements.

An AFTA Certified carrier are required to operate AFTA Certified vehicles, vehicle certification consists of an extensive mechanical inspection by an AFTA approved ASE certified mechanic, vehicle minimum equipment list as described in the Carrier Procedures Manual, fire extinguisher, required stamps and signage, road assistance cards, accident procedures checklist, and required documents file. Certified vehicle must be under an extended 100,000 mile or 12 month warranty program.

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