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Assistant staff
An assistant provides continuity for your business, handle tasks like keep track of maintenance, ensure schedules are kept, coordinate roadside assistance, maintain company records, provide communication with vendors & customers, track invoices, and many other daily tasks.
DOT Audits require maintenance of detailed records, our staff keeps excellent and compliant records as well as attend the audit and deal with auditors on your behalf.
Tax preparation experts file required reports, submit IRS form 1099 to drivers and vendors, file required tax forms and reports.

Recommended Services

Fuel Cards
A fuel card is very beneficial  to your business because it allows the driver to charge for the fuel while providing accountability records for the business. The fuel card also gives you discounts and other benefits.
Electronic Toll payment is extremely convenient and time effective service. The ability to pay tolls and scale weigh-ins keeps your company from having to disburse or keep petty cash while also providing accountably.
Roadside Assistance
Emergency Roadside Service is an absolute must for your business. This service covers breakdown, towing, mobile mechanic, fuel delivery, locked doors, key replacement, dead battery, tire damage and more.
Equipment Tracking
24/7 real time monitoring via satellite for your peace of mind. Know where your valuable equipment is at all times, 365 days a year, by simply checking your PC or Smartphone.
Driver search is another highly recommended service.

Drivers are scrutinized by background checks, drug and skills tests,  prescreened and qualified.

SBA Credit
Small Business Administration credit application.

This service helps you navigate the application process, and gather the required documents to obtain a small business loan. This is a Government backed loan program that is available to small and medium size businesses.

We keep you legal and profitable.

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